The Guide To Choosing The Perfect Earrings For You

Just like when buying sunglasses and deciding what hairstyles to follow, choosing earrings also require you to know your face shape. This is so you could pick out the best earrings that will highlight and balance your facial features. You wouldn’t want to risk looking awkward by wearing the wrong earrings, would you? Of course not. To determine the shape of your face, go in front of a mirror and tie your hair up to clearly see the shape of your face. There are six face shapes you should know including the oval, square, heart, narrow, round and diamond shape.


Oval – This face shape is characterized by having a forehead that’s slightly wider than the chin. Usually, the line on the forehead aligns with your cheekbones, narrowing down towards a rounded chin.


Earrings for Oval Shapes – The oval face is a versatile shape that could pull off any earrings, so if you’re one of the lucky oval girls, don’t be afraid to play around! Fit as many earrings as you can and figure out what looks best on you. You can go for pearls, ovals, and drop earrings to complement the natural contour of your face.


Square – This is characterized by having equal or similar measurements on the forehead, cheeks and chin.


Earrings for Square Shapes – If you have the square shaped face, you look your best with medium to long earrings. To soften the corners on your face, you will also look great in hoops or earrings in angular or rounded edges. You can try tassel drop earrings or beaded tassel earrings to balance out your features.


Heart – If you look closely, this face shape is quite similar to the shape of a heart. The forehead is slightly wider than the cheeks and then they narrow down to the chin.


Earrings for Heart Shapes – Balance out the features on the lower part of the face by wearing earrings that are wider at the bottom than it is on the top. The earrings for you include: teardrop style earrings and this beaded tassel earrings by Athena Collections.


Narrow – The striking thing about this shape falls on the length of the face. If you have a narrow face, you have a long and thin type of face with pointy chin and a high forehead.


Earrings for Narrow Shapes – The earrings that look best on people with the narrow face shape, go for earrings with a lot of volume. Pearls and short dangles also look good on oval shapes as this will draw attention on your face horizontally.


Round – The round face have a circular shape more on the cheeks and parts near the ears than on the upper and lower parts of the face. They have less defined angles and have a full face with prominent cheeks.


Earrings for Round Shape – If you have a round face, you could elongate your face by wearing long tassel earrings or drop earrings. Just wear any long earrings to give the illusion of having a slightly longer face.


Diamond – Like a diamond, the top and bottom part of the face is narrower than the sides. The diamond-shaped individual has a narrow face and prominent cheeks.


Earrings for Diamond Shape – Go for lengthy earrings such as a tassel earrings and those with delicate drops. It’s also a good choice to wear earrings with curves and straight lines as this will flatter your features.


As you have read, most of the face shapes suggest an earring with volume and long tassel earrings. To make things easier for you, check out this Black Beaded Tassel Earrings by Athena Collections! It’s a medium to long drop earring with crystals hanging down like tassels. This piece is perfect for the heart, round and diamond face shapes.  

It has a touch of Bohemian style while looking all glammed up because of the crystals and the beads. This black tassel earrings is best worn at night during a formal event or a night out in the club. Match this with a black bag and black strappy heels to complete your look. You will surely look like a babe in these earrings. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your accessories and it’s good to start with these pieces from Athena Collections!

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