Introduce Yourself To The Kinds of Necklaces

Necklaces have come a long way in terms of its purpose and why it exists. Today it serves as a fashion accessory that represent style and complement what a person is wearing. Did you know that this was considered as one of the status symbols in the olden times? The materials of the necklaces would determine what social class a person belongs to.


Today, a necklace is used mostly for fashion purposes. There are different kinds of necklaces including pearl necklaces, a charm necklace, chanel pearl necklace, circle pendant necklace, crystal pendant necklace and even a stone pendant necklace. Depending on the occasion and depends on what your outfit is, choosing the kind of necklace plays an important role to have a nice ensemble. If you don’t know the type of necklaces there are, worry no more. We have it right here for you.



When wearing collar necklaces, it positions itself right above the collarbone. It’s usually confused with a choker but they are slightly different. The collar necklaces are best worn with tops with low necklines or off shoulder tops. Thicker collar necklaces is best worn alone, not in combination with other types of necklaces.



Chokers are neck hugging accessories that wrap around your neck beautifully. A lot of chokers are made with different materials like velvet, ribbon, gold or silver chains. Like collar necklaces, it suits better with lower necklines and usually worn with off shoulder tops as well. Millennials today also seem to style it by layering different lengths of necklaces.



The Princess style lives up to its name as it looks like it’s really made for a princess. It’s usually designed with dazzling jewels and in different shapes and sizes. A Princess necklace is longer than a choker but shorter than a Matinee necklace. You can reserve this for fancy nights or pair it with a blazer, making it an ideal necklace for formal occasions and business events.



The Matinee style is a long necklace that usually falls somewhere between the collarbone and the center of the bust. This is good for jewelry layering with the Opera style. Use the Matinee necklace when you wear tops with a high neckline or turtleneck tops.



This style is long and versatile which falls below the bust or reaches until the belly. As mentioned above, it’s great for layering with the Matinee and Choker style. Due to its versatility, you can wear Opera necklaces with any neckline. If you love mixing and matching necklaces and your clothes, you’d surely this Opera style necklace by Athena Collections — the Long Style Pearl Pendant Necklace for Women. It’s gold and black, with a length of 112 cm or approximately 44 inches. It’s perfect for any day whether you’re running errands or casual dinner date. Look glamorous in your outfit with this long black necklace and you’ll surely turn heads. You can be as stylish as you can be with this opera style pendant necklace by Athena Collections. Hurry and get yours now only here at Athena Collections!


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