How To Style Animal Print Necklaces

In the fashion industry, all sorts of designs and details matter and affect your whole ensemble. One of these trends and style that caught the attention of many is the animal print. Animal print clothes and accessories cannot be denied attention. It’s a showstopper on its own whether you styled them well or not. If people are going to stare, at least get praises and compliments from it.


Animal print pieces are quite challenging to style because there’s a lot going on in its print alone. If you style it correctly, then you will surely look like a babe. Let’s take this Leopard Print Multi Layered Choker Necklace from Athena Collections. The question is, how do we style this?


1)All Black Ensemble/Plain Colored Clothes


Don an attire that is black from top to bottom. Not only will this give you a slimmer silhouette, this will also make this leopard print necklace draw attention and stand out from all the black. Other than an all black outfit, you can go for clothes that are one solid color like a plain white or another plain color that is not printed.


2) Matching Accessories

Let’s not risk overdoing the animal print by limiting the leopard print pieces on your outfit. If you already choose to wear this layered choker necklace from Athena Collections, you can choose one more accessory or clothing piece to match it. I suggest you pair it with a leopard print bag or leopard print footwear. It’s wiser not to wear more than two animal print pieces so you won’t overdo it.


3) Find a Jewelry Set

If you want to lean more on the safer side, try looking for a leopard print jewelry set. It’s understandable that you want to try to wear animal print pieces, but not go all out and make bold choices. Start small and begin with little trinkets like this leopard print statement necklace. Maybe you can find a matching bracelet, ring or earrings to go with it.


4) Low Neckline Tops

Because this piece is a layered choker necklace which combines a choker style, princess style and a matinee style necklace, it’s best to wear this with tops that have low necklines. You can wear v-necks and off shoulder tops for a nice contrast. You will have a great time playing around and experimenting with different top styles that would go with this layered chain choker.


5) Fierce Makeup

Animal prints make a statement. Deciding to wear pieces like these is a bold choice, so make the most of this decision my pairing it with a striking makeup look. What’s a statement layered gold choker necklace without a dramatic makeup to go with it, right? Go big or go home, dear. Take out your makeup bag and start applying!


Now that you’ve got a few ideas on how to style this leopard print necklace, wouldn’t you want one for yourself? If you don’t fancy leopard print, there many other animal prints such as zebra print or snake skin. Buy this leopard print layered choker necklace only from Athena Collections! Go and show the world how it’s done!

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