Bohemian Summer Party in Style

“Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people.” -Deb Caletti

Breathe in and fill your lungs with fresh summer air, the smell of the ocean that calms anyone who get a whiff of it, listen to the beat of summer parties, the loud thumping beat of bohemian parties everywhere. Coachella! Oh a coachella party is seriously something to look forward to as summer is fast approaching, the bohemian fashion lives and it is the time to finally dress up in a fresh summer outfit with matching accessories.

But how coachella ready are you? You have the perfect outfit ready for the annual event but are your accessories present? Upgrade your old and rusty boho bracelets with Sattaj Collections of ethnic bracelets that are made of high quality silver yet affordable to help you complete your bohemian outfit of the day. As seen on the picture beside, it designed uniquely yet trendy to give off that ethnic silver bracelets vibe and will be a perfect match for you coachella ready outfit.

But not really fond of coachella are we? Well here are reasons for you to be interested and look forward for coachella:


  1. Coachella Food are the Best – Food somehow is a motivation to some people who are to lazy to even cook their own proper meal , so I made food the first on the list for you to get excited and hopefully give it a try to explore and enjoy.
  2. Concerts Everywhere! – A die-hard fan of a certain band or artists? Then this is certainly the best time go out and head to the nearest coachella party to see your idolized band or artists perform on a hot summer party! Of course make sure to keep calm and take care though.
  3. New Acquaintances, The Merrier! – Tis’ the time to socialize and grow your circle of friends! Get up of that couch, dress up and make friends out there, there is nothing wrong with socializing, it instead helps you discover that there are people you can click with, some temporarily while other forever.
  4. Show Off That Outfit! – It is only during summer we get to dress with refreshing and sexy clothes to beat the summer heat! I’m sure every girl out there spared an outfit ready for coachella but is too shy to show it off, well ladies go and be confident about it. Don’t forget to accessorize to complete your bohemian, cuff bracelets should be a must, silver cuff bracelets that would match to any outfit.
    Coachella is calling for you! Scan your wardrobe for the perfect bohemian outfit, search your jewelry box for the best womens cuff bracelet and put your best foot forward! Now that we got you inspired and motivated, don’t forget to check out Sattaj Collections of sterling silver cuff bracelets that would be best with any bohemian outfit you chose to rock on coachella. Make it a summer to remember. Make Sattaj Collections of ethnic silver bracelets be part of that happy memory you will ever have this upcoming summer.

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