Bohemian Outfit Ideas You Can Try

In a crowd full of people with different personalities and inspirations infused into their outfits, there is one particular style that will make you do a double take: the Bohemian style. The Boho style goes back to the ‘60’s and 70’s wherein today’s Boho looks are inspired by the lifestyle of the free spirited individuals with an unconventional look. Since this style involves flowy clothes, long dresses, wide leg trousers, crochet or fringe tops and bags, the accessories that look best with it are equally eye catching and beautiful.


To give you an idea, the Boho jewelry is all about long pendants, lots of bangles, mosaic rings, beaded jewelry, dangling earrings like the recently popular tassel earrings. It also features pretty gems such as amethyst, turquoise, and coral, as well as mosaic inspired jewelry.


Elephant Rings Jewelry

Speaking of mosaic jewelry and bohemian style, boho rings are a great way to finish off a whole boho look and make a statement. There are crystal rings, gemstone infused rings, mosaic rings, and even elephant rings. The whole point of the Bohemian style is making style choices that are not normally chosen, and this is why it stands out among the crowd. It’s uniqueness and free spirited aura really shines through.

If you’re a Bohemian style lover, you have to check this vintage elephant ring. Athena Collections present to you the Boho Elephant Crystal Mosaic Ring for Women. It comes in silver and gold variations so you could choose what looks better on you or with your whole ensemble. The said ring also caters to different sizes including 17,18, 19 and a resizable one. It’s unconventional as you can get with this mosaic crystal piece.


Bohemian Outfit Ideas

You can definitely wear this elephant ring with any Boho ensemble as it is the perfect finishing touch. Here are a few outfit inspirations by three of our favorite personalities: Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, and Nicole Richie.

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